Terms of Service

Terms Of Service: Music Feeds Subscription

We don’t want nor do we intend to spam you. By spam we mean more than a tolerable amount of emails or emails with advertising content. We only intend to send one email a fortnight but may send more than one under reasonable circumstances eg. mistakes and errors in the email (human error is always a factor).

We won’t sell you’re information, or use it for anything other than to send you an email about the Issue.

In the email we’ll let you know about the new issue and where to download it. We may add a little bit of extra information for your own knowledge. This information should only have something related to Music Feeds, or a Music Feeds related issue.

We will never send emails with information that is not primarily to do with downloading the Issue, or an Issue related matter.

The Information you give us

At this moment we only take 3 required fields of information. Name, Email Address and State. If you choose to unsubscribe we will not keep this information.


You’re name is only used for referral purposes, this means we only want to use it to refer to you as something. You’re not a robot (as far as we know anyway, robot technology is getting better every year). We’d prefer to know you as a name not as a number. We want to maintain some sort of social aspect here.


You’re email address will be used to receive our fortnightly email, it is also used for subscription confirmation and unsubscription confirmation.


You’re State is used to get some scope of where our readers are, and we may use this information to send out location specific information such as an Issue of the magazine more tailored to your area.


In the future we may want/need to gather more information for our subscriptions. We will not make it compulsory for you to give us any more information then what you have given us on your subscription, but we may ask you to optionally give us extra details if you choose.

If you choose to unsubscribe to this service, all your information will be deleted. On resubscription we will ask you to give us your previous information again aswell as any new required information that has been added since your first subscription.

The Information we give you

Feel free to do what ever you like with the magazine. Put it up on your website for download. Send it over file sharing software. Print it out and read it. Enjoy it amongst friends and family. Read it on your iPhone. Honestly we don’t care.


The written content of the magazine is still owned and copyrighted by us… we’re happy to let you share it as long as you credit us and the author of the article.
Photos are a bit of a different matter, we get permission from bands, artists and photographers to use their images for our articles. We can’t speak on their behalf on the terms of their copyright.